5KW grid tie solar inverter

The grid connected inverter can be used with a connection to grid or power lines. This type supplies the loading appliances with electric power produced by photovoltaic systems.
The advantage of grid-type is not to worry any power waste, because by connecting inverter to grid, it can save any surplus electricity.
Wide DC input voltage range
DSP controller
High efficiency by using advanced IGBT and IPM
MPPT(Maximum power point tracking) technology
Transformer less, High efficiency
In accordance with international standards
Quick and easy installation
Operation parameters can be adjusted via LCD and keys
The perfect protection function
Designed to suitable for critical grid environment.
Technical Data

Model  FZ-ZB 5000W

DC Input  MPPT Voltage Range  DC100 ゛ 500V
 Rated DC Voltage  360V
 Control System  MPPT

AC Output  Output Power  5000W
 Rate voltage   AC220
 Voltage range  AC 185V ゛ 264V (1 phase)
 Normal Grid Frequency  50/60HzGrid frequency
 Phases  1 phase 2 wire
 Power Factor   0.95
 Current THD  At rated power and in the sine wave <5%
 Control System  PWM
 Anti-islanding  +0.5 sec
 Total Max.Current  22.7A
 Max. Efficiency  97%
 Euro Efficiency  96.4%

Structure  Protection Class  IP65
 Cooling system  Natural cooling
 Noise   50dB
 Data Interfaces  External RS232C/RS485
 Display  LCD
 Packing Dimensions
(W*H*D)  680*415*325mm
 Net weight  28.5 kgs
 Gross weight  33kgs Protection  Inverter  Input over voltage, output short circuit, overheat,output DC component.
 Grid  Anti-islandin g, over/under voltage of grid, over/under
frequency of grid.

Environment  Environment  No corrosion gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust etc.
 Operation temperature   -10 ≧ ~40 ≧ 50 ≧
 Stored temperature  -20 ≧ ゛ 65 ≧
 Relative humidity  0~100% (Do not wet with dew)

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